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Skin Rejuvenating Facial Treatments
European Facials
Glyco-Enzyme Facial
Ultimate Vitamin C Lift Facial
Miracle Wave Facial
Teenage Facial
Youth Light Therapy Facial

Skin Rejuvenating Facial Treatments

At MyGentleLase Electrolysis & Skincare we help to discover and enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Youthful appearing skin is our specialty and focus. Beginning around age 35, the skin starts to lose tone and elasticity. It’s natural ability to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid decreases and overall moisture retention is lessened.

When combined with free radical damage from the sun and other environmental or lifestyle factors, the signs of aging intensify: fine lines and wrinkles, roughness, dryness & hyperpigmentation appear.

Our anti-aging skincare treatments are designed to minimize and eliminate these signs of aging with the exclusive use of Dr.Temt’s rejuvenating line of skincare products. Dr.Temt’s master chemist Anti-Aging Hydro Silk, & Glycocid skincare product lines are formulated using pure water from the Austrian Alps and natural ingredients collected from the Austrian countryside’s finest raw materials. The ultimate in skin care facials.

European Facials
Deep pore cleaning, skin exfoliating, biological peel to remove dead cells and impurities. A nourishing mask according to skin type and a relaxing facial and decollete massage using collagen ampol to smooth wrinkles and fine lines.  Promotes nutritional elements existing within the skin. An unforgettable facial.   1 hour, 15 minutes, $125
Glyco-Enzyme Facial
A gentle exfoliation and mild Glycolic treatment leaves your skin feeling refreshed and refined. After your facial you skin will be glowing. 45 minutes, $85.00
Ultimate Vitamin C lift Facial
The most nourishing and restorative treatment we offer! This facial will firm and tighten the skin in addition to giving it a fresh look. A refreshing facial. 45 minutes, $110.00
Miracle Wave Facial
A Galvanic current pressure point massage is combined with the Enzyme Facial to provide a maximum lifting facial and wrinkle reducing result. 30 minutes, $100.00
Teenage Facial
This facial treatment with extractions is designed for the needs of teenage skin. Cleansing detoxifying exfoliation of dead skin.  Purifying skin by removing black heads and white heads. Tightens pores with high frequency lamp.  Active mask or Provitalin mask.  Spot treatment with corrective treatment toner to close and heal irritated and inflamed patches of skin. A benefical skin facial for teens. 45 minutes, $85.00


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Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Vienna Virginia offers one of the Best Laser Treatment Centers in the country - MyGentleLase, LLC

Laser Body Hair Removal of Vienna Virginia otherwise known as skin electrolysis can be very a very intimidating procedure, but one company offers a great skin therapy experience. MyGentleLase Laser Skin Treatments of Vienna Virginia has many years of experience in laser skin treatments , hair removal, skin treatments we are safe, effective and affordable at permanent hair removal. If you are desiring to use laser skin treatments to effectively deal with wrinkles, laser freckle removal, laser skin tightening, laser facial hair removal, laser pubic hair removal or any other cosmetic laser procedure, MyGentleLase of Vienna Virginia has the experience and latest technology to keep you coming back. Some laser skin therapy treatments require treatment plans that consist of repetitive and consistent treatments to be effective. So please call MyGentleLase Vienna Virginia Laser Skin Treatments and talk to our experienced staff and schedule a free consultation - (703) 319-9689

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